Meet the Students!

Xotchtl Heather-George, Poetry Reader


Grade 10
Favorite part of working on the 
journal: “I’ve never been exposed to publication before so it’s really cool to get to see that, and to get to be apart of something that, as a team, turns out such a massive project – the idea of working together to make one thing.”
Favorite piece of Volume 8: I Think I’m Almost Ready to See the Ocean-Michael Mlekoday – “The first poem really struck me because the first couple of stanzas are about his brother being transgender, which ties into personal experience . He makes these sweeping statements and ties it down with these really miniscule images.”
Fun Facts:
1. I make really good tea.
2. My favorite book is called “Peter and Max” by Bill Willingham.
3. I’m convinced Neil Gaiman is another worldly being.


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Meet the Students!

Chloe Xtina, Fiction Reader


Grade 11
Favorite part of working on the journal: 
“Getting to read through an editorial lens and getting to decide what is published into this magazine that I really love.”
Favorite piece of Volume 8: “
Cape Cod” by Tala Abu Rahmeh – I have a big connection to Cape Cod and the ocean and drowning in a haunting of mine, and that was really embodied in this poem. It had strong catharsis, and was very emotional and raw and exposes itself to the reader.
Fun Facts:
1. I eat whole tomatoes like they’re apples.
2. Sometimes I wear a cross – not religiously – but as an ode to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
3. I’m supposed to have stopped growing but I still am and I don’t know why.



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Meet the Students!

The really magical part of Enizagam is our unique staff of editors, readers, and coordinators who work tirelessly to put this publication together. Everyone on the staff is in high school, as well as a writer. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you all to our magnificent staff.

Jimmy Olney, Event Coordinator and Reader


Grade 11
Favorite part of working on the journal: “Having so much responsibility and being able to prove myself through that, and to be able to be a part of something that transcends me.”
Favorite piece of Volume 8: “Nashville” by Tala Abu Rahmeh – “[It] resonated with me through its simplicity.”
Fun Facts:
1. I’m a pop culture enthusiast.
2. I love reality TV – “for the psychology of it.”
3. I’m terrible at taking care of plants.

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The Greatest of Thanks to the Greatest of Crawls


This past weekend was host to the always inspiring and never disappointing San Francisco Lit Crawl, and Enizagam was so honored to be a part of that experience. The largest of thanks to everyone who attended our fantastic reading; parents, students, school-mates, and strangers we got the pleasure of meeting for the first time. A big thanks to Scholar Match, for opening up their space to us, and the LitQuake event, for giving us this fantastic opportunity and exposure.

IMG_1004   Kameron

Our crafty Street Team took handfuls of the issues, Volume 8 and previous, and we set them loose on the streets of the Mission, handing out free copies and spreading the word of both the journal and our event. They were a huge success, the copies flying out of their hands and into the hands of intrigued and interested strangers. Be on the lookout for one of them; they’re going to be regulars at future events!

IMG_0979   P1013520-768x1024

We look forward to readings and events in the future, and seeing all your lovely faces there.

Much love,
The Enizagam Bunch

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This Just In: 2015 Contest Judges Announced

The Enizagam staff is excited to announce the 2015 fiction and poetry contest judges!

We are proud to introduce Taiye Selasi as fiction judge and Chinaka Hodge as poetry judge.

Taiye Selasi Chinaka-Hodge-by-Mike-Kepka

Excelling in several literary styles, London-born Taiye Selasi is the author of Ghana Must Go, along with several essays, short stories, and scripts. Chinaka Hodge is a leading Bay Area poet, playwright, screenwriter, and educator.

Contest submissions open November 1st! Winners receive a prize of $1,000 plus publication.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

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Lit Crawl is my Christmas


Hello Everyone!

It’s that magical time when all the beautiful poets, authors, essayists, and creative minds of the Bay Area crawl out of the woodwork and flock to the city for the biggest literary event in our calenders. With this years’ fantastic Lit Crawl lineup, everyone here on the Enizagam staff is thrilled to announce that various members of our staff and program will be reading in the midst of all that greatness. Newly stated Enizagam chief editor Mina Jameson is one in our set, along with Poetry Editor Paige O’Farrell, and readers for the journal Imani Diltz and Chloe Smith.

Join us at 849 Valencia St on Saturday, October 18th at 7:15 for EDGE OF SEVENTEEN: Featuring Poetry/Prose/Performance by students from Oakland School for the Arts.

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OMG Volume 8 is here!



Cover art by Andrea Sarber! Printed at 1984 Printing in Oakland! Chock-full of awesome!

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Thank you to all who entered the 2014 Enizagam Literary Awards in Poetry and Fiction competition! Our judges Eileen Myles (Poetry) and Daniel Alarcon (Fiction) have selected the winners: Congratulations to KAT HARVILLE for her selected poetry and MIRENE ARSANIOS for her short story “B”! Both will receive $1000 and will be published in the 2014 issue.

About Mirene’s story “B”, Daniel Alarcon says: Mirene Arsanios has written a dreamy, sultry gem of a story. “B” is about love and desire and growing up; about the power dynamic between two girls on the cusp of being young women. I was drawn in by the careful, supple language, and the poetic rendering of a scene that is both mesmeric and utterly real. Bravo!

About Kat Harville’s poetry, Eileen Myles says: Kat Harville #1 for me. I love the intense verbiness. It’s wild stuff full of sprung energy, shrinking and pouncing, full of animals and animalism, full of pronouncements:  I am the terrible vanilla and you….It’s brave, passionate, fun dark work that is running on its own honor, its own steam and it does not let up and I am never once disappointed in this work. She plays it to the end, a real poet. 

Congratulations to KAT and MIRENE and to all of our amazing Finalists!

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The Finalists Have Been Selected!

Hurrah! After several weeks of constant + careful reading, the Enizagam editors have selected the finalists for the 2014 Enizagam Contest in Fiction and Poetry. We received over 125 entries in each category; the work was consistently outstanding, and it was a challenge to whittle it down.

But, we did! Eileen Myles is currently reading work by Poetry finalists Laura Jo Hess, Kat Harville and Michael Mlekoday. Daniel Alarcon, our Fiction judge, is reading “Harvest” by Alma Garcia, “B” by Mirene Arsanios, and “Be Gone Affliction!” by Mary Kuryla. Though there will only be one winner in each category, we are thrilled to be publishing the work of all the finalists.

Stay tuned! Winners will be announced soon…


The Enizagam Editors

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The Deadline is Here! (Also: Isabel Allende!)

Hello everyone! It’s April 1st and this is no joke: Today is the LAST day to submit your work for the ENIZAGAM Literary Contest in Poetry and Fiction! Thank you so much to all those who have sent us their incredible work, and go go go to all you last minute submitters. We’ve got a lot of amazing reading ahead of us, and some very difficult decisions to make…

In other exciting ENIZAGAM news: The 2014 issue will include an interview with none other than the magical luminary amazing incredible Isabel Allende, done by (the magical luminary amazing incredible) Mina Jameson.

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