Contest 2013 Winners

Congratulations to Donna Steiner and Anneliese Schultz

chosen by Kim Addonizio and Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

as the winners of the 2013 Enizagam Literary Awards in Poetry and Fiction.


Of Anneliese’s short story, Sarah Shun-lien Bynum writes:

“‘Child’ is a story that offers what I think of as fiction’s greatest pleasures: the experience of shadowing another’s consciousness, as well as the illusion of inhabiting another’s body. In this story, the body is aging and in pain, and the consciousness is often set delicately adrift, yet the writing throughout is nimble and exhilaratingly alive. Anneliese Schultz takes the most familiar of struggles – growing old, losing independence, surviving the Christmas holidays – and imbues them with a fresh sense of mystery and urgency. Equally poignant and funny, despairing and triumphant, ‘Child’ is itself a triumph.”


Of Donna’s poems (and the work of Terrel Adams and Meredith Greenwood) Kim Addonizio writes:

“All of these finalists are true poets; their work is smart, observant, and filled with the music of language as well as its meanings. In the end, I was most captured by Donna Steiner’s poems, by their precision and heart. Starkly lyrical, the voice here is a fully realized presence on the page, aware of and able to express the beauty and pain of mortal life.”


2013 Finalists 


Terrel Adams
Meredith Greenwood


Michelle Oppenheimer
Franny French


2013 Semifinalists 


Kimberly Jean Smith
Karen Uhlmann
Jim Nichols


Vanessa Falco
Jendi Reiter
Jennifer Givhan


Enizagam’s staff is grateful to the many skilled writers – from India, Japan, Singapore, Canada and the U.S. – who’ve given us the opportunity to read their work; to our gracious celebrity judges; and to everyone else who comes together each year to make Enizagam a dazzling literary collection.

 Writers: we urge you to enter the 2014 contest (judges TBD). Our staff received many stunning works, which might have placed in the contest, via the general submissions process.


Ms. Addonizio and Ms. Bynum had these kind words for OSA (the urban, public charter school at which Soma Mei Sheng Frazier and her close-knit team of students staff Enizagam):

“Oakland School for the Arts makes me feel nearly giddy with hope. How thrilling, and how necessary, that such a school exists: a place where young artists are taught and mentored and inspired by faculty who are themselves working artists. There is nothing more compelling than the power of example, and what an example these teachers have set by striking a balance between their own creative practice and their impassioned commitment to and advocacy for the next generation of artists.”

– Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

“How many young people are encouraged to be artists, in any era? Not many. But here is a school that is doing just that, and providing them the discipline, focus, and community they need to succeed. I’ve seen first-hand what a difference such a school makes—my daughter went San Francisco School of the Arts. Without it, she might never have found her path as an actor. (She is working today in film, theater, and TV.) At SOTA, she was treated as an artist from day one. How heartening to have OSA and know that the next generation is coming into its own here in the Bay Area, with the skills and imagination we will all need more than ever in the coming years.”

– Kim Addonizio



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