Contest 2014 Winners

Congratulations to Kat Harville and Mirene Arsanios

chosen by Eileen Myles and Daniel Alarcon

as the winners of the 2014 Enizagam Literary Awards in Poetry and Fiction.


Of Arsanios’s short story, Daniel Alarcon writes:

“Mirene Arsanios has written a dreamy, sultry gem of a story. “B” is about love and desire and growing up; about the power dynamic between two girls on the cusp of being young women. I was drawn in by the careful, supple language, and the poetic rendering of a scene that is both mesmeric and utterly real. Bravo!”


Of Harville’s poems Eileen Myles writes:

“Kat Harville #1 for me. I love the intense verbiness. It’s wild stuff full of sprung energy, shrinking and pouncing, full of animals and animalism, full of pronouncements:  I am the terrible vanilla and you….It’s brave, passionate, fun dark work that is running on its own honor, its own steam and it does not let up and I am never once disappointed in this work. She plays it to the end, a real poet.”


2014 Finalists 


Laura Jo Hess
Michael Mlekoday


Alma Garcia
Mary Kuryla


Enizagam’s staff is grateful to the many skilled writers – from India, Japan, Singapore, Canada and the U.S. – who’ve given us the opportunity to read their work; to our gracious celebrity judges; and to everyone else who comes together each year to make Enizagam a dazzling literary collection.





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